Board of Directors

  • Mark Lamberti
    Mark Lamberti Chairman
  • Marius Swanepoel
    Marius Swanepoel Chief Executive Officer

Executive Directors

  • George de Beer
    George de Beer Chief Financial Officer
  • Renier Engelbrecht
    Renier Engelbrecht Chief Executive Officer | African Regions
  • Michael Lütjann
    Michael Lütjann Chief Information Officer
  • George Nakos
    George Nakos Corporate Finance Executive
  • Carsten Taucke
    Carsten Taucke Chief Executive Officer | International
  • Cobus Rossouw
    Cobus Rossouw Chief Strategy Officer
  • Nico van der Westhuizen
    Nico van der Westhuizen Chief Executive Officer | South Africa

Non-Executive Directors

  • Mohammed Akoojee
    Mohammed Akoojee Group Financial Officer | Imperial Holdings
  • Osman Arbee
    Osman Arbee Chief Executive Officer | Motus
  • Peter Cooper
    Peter Cooper
  • Graham Dempster
    Graham Dempster

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