History of the business

Imperial Mercantile Solutions was established in August 2014 for procurement and trading purposes and forms part of the Imperial Logistics African Regions division.

Core business

Imperial Mercantile Solutions’ focus is bringing affordable, quality brands offering good value to consumers in African countries. Based in Dubai, there is the opportunity to work with international companies’ African divisions whose headquarters are in the UAE.

Service offering

Our current product range, which spans health and beauty products to general merchandise, allows emerging markets to increase their basket and develop new categories. Our products fill the gap between premium, high cost goods and cheap, often poorly manufactured goods and, given the opportunity, we are open to investing in other affordable and good quality products.

Our extensive supply chain network allows us to distribute our products with speed and efficiency.

Key strengths

Imperial Mercantile Solutions has:

  • relationships with a network of quality manufacturers in China;
  • the capacity to distribute products in Africa;
  • the ability to place and launch products in African markets; and
  • the necessary people skills and experience on the continent, which has afforded us an understanding of the markets we work in.

Geographical representation

Imperial Mercantile Solutions is based in Dubai and our brands are registered and trademarked in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, China, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola and Nigeria.

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