What do modern logistics services have to achieve? In our opinion, they should make issues, which are complicated for the customer, simple and transparent. We therefore pool our global services along the value-added chain of our customers from defined industry sectors in our Imperial Supply Chain Solutions business – a significant part of our International Division, headquartered in Germany. Another part of our Imperial Supply Chain Solutions is our Contract Manufacturing service for the chemical industry, where we operate as a neutral production service company.

The logistics specialist should also be fully aware of and understand its customers’ business! That is why we do not handle everything. But in particular sectors, where we have been supporting our customers and tackling new challenges together for many years, we aim to be the very best.

This becomes evident even during the planning and consulting stage. Whether we are optimising the flow of materials or reorganising transport procedures – we support you by analysing and planning the logistics processes in order to improve efficiency levels and increase productivity. In doing so, we place great emphasis on a comprehensive analysis of all the flows of goods and logistics processes – ranging from the procurement operations to the different stages of production, warehousing and even the distribution of the finished goods. We support you, starting with our analysis work and proceeding to the planning and simulation of logistics processes and even providing assistance during the construction and commissioning phases.
However, we do not only manage and monitor our customers’ global flows of goods and information with our services. We offer much more: using our top-quality, in-house IT expertise, we also offer our customers the opportunity of actively shaping, optimising and further developing their logistics processes with the software solutions that we have developed in-house.

Using the logistics services provided by Imperial Supply Chain Solutions, we are a strong, reliable and international partner, which links the individual logistics disciplines with each other in an intelligent manner along the entire supply chain – ranging from procurement logistics to warehouse and outbound logistics and even reverse logistics.

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